I'm been creative since

I was a little boy 

  • I'm James Wafer...

    As a kid I built castles out of cardboard boxes, spaceships out of tinfoil, wrote stories out of thin air. I spent nearly all my time painting, drawing and making and this has seen me through to being an adult. I've passed the 25 year mark in the marketing and design industry and there's a lot more to do.


    I'm from and live in Liverpool with my wife and two boys. I have too many hobbies to list but I have a keen interest in reading and learning new things, in vintage and modern film, in writing poems and working on my book. The rest of my spare time is spent with my amazing family - I'm a lucky man.

  • Work in progress

    My first design job after leaving college was for a publishing house producing layouts and eventually covers for international airport and marine port yearbooks. From there I went on to work for some of Liverpool's most successful agencies before going freelance in 2003. 

    Freelance enables me to remain fresh in what I do. And it means I'm flexible: creating branding for small start-ups but also large international enterprises.

    My latest work has been for a supermarket chain creating advertising, campaign ideas, door-drop design and packaging.  

I'm a team player

I pride myself on being friendly and amiable but also adaptable and useful. I love to collaborate and share a success probably more than achieving one on my own.

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About me

My name is James and I'm a Liverpool UK based creative graphic designer. I have over 25 years experience in marketing and publishing solutions.
Graphic design solutions. Branding, logos, brochures, illustration. Web design and digital imagery. Not forgetting photography in particularly creative portraiture.
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