Oh hello... I see you got
my mailer,
well get a

cuppa and take

a gander

Big Blue Design Portfolio

Please take a look through. My work includes projects in all avenues of print design and I also produce content for web. Don't forget to look through my photography too (if you have time). I love concept work and writing copy and art direction.

And yes, I did, spray all those objects blue!!

I'm a team player

I'm a people person. I love collaboration, putting my head together with another. I never underestimate the role of a good production person or an account handler... they are the wind beneath my wings! I'm also not shy of sharing skills. When all is said and done, I want to be USEFUL!

About me

My name is James and I'm a Liverpool UK based creative graphic designer. I have over 25 years experience in marketing and publishing solutions.
Graphic design solutions. Branding, logos, brochures, illustration. Web design and digital imagery. Not forgetting photography in particularly creative portraiture.
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