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"Blue Skýlos Thinking" or How to Make a Flying Dog.

The thing about ideas is that they aren't made of anything. Much like what philosophers call 'abstract objects' ideas aren't real, that is until you make them into a thing! So... Behold – I made this! For certain, I'm not short on random thoughts and ideas and ever since I've been able to hold a pencil I've wanted to get these mental squiggles into the real world. Hence this dog. Yes he does have a name and it's Duke and he's my friend's loyal pooch. That's what Skýlos means in Greek, "a pooch or tyke". And what is more Greek than a chimeric morphological fantasy cryptid halfling creature!? (Don't say plate smashing and spoil everything). My wife, who pretends she is long suffering of my ideas, made the comment "I wonder who influenced you on this one?" and then proceeded to send me a series of Albrect Dürer images on Facebook or whatever it's called now. Dürer was my big obsession as a 14 year old (strange boy) and was encouraged by my art teacher who was also enamoured by Ze German artist. He was a Teutonic genius and during the German Renaissance created amazing works in paint and engraving technique; he truly innovated. Because of him I've always had a fascination with greyhounds, wings and abstract mysterious things. The image of the angel below is called "Melancolia", it can't speak more of 'abstract objects' than it does. Souls, numbers, time, geometry and creation.

As we were shooting on the banks of the River Mersey another dog walker approached and said he thought that from afar this was a real winged-hound! Imagine if fate allowed and he never spotted us and carried the 'sighting' in his mind for the rest of his life. Too scared to share for the risk of ridicule but mustered the courage to share on Channel 5 as a mumbling silhouette. So ideas are paper-thin and it's easy to keep them in the dark like ghosts bumping round in the gloaming of the Greek underworld. You have to give them life and let the sunshine give them form. Sometimes you've created a monster that doesn't function and sometimes, something just works.

If you would like to buy a high quality print go to my Fine Art Etsy page. More creations will be added soon - art world you freaks, I'm coming for you!

Photograph taken on a Pentax KP and a Sigma 30mm lens.

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