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Making a music icon... wanna try?

Updated: May 15, 2019

If you think of the great icons in music, you can place them in two camps: the ones that were great musicians and the ones who were great musicians but also had great imagery.

I adore Ella Fitzgerald. Her voice, her dexterity and taste behind her creative force is for me, unsurpassed by any other female singer. But wait! There are scare amount of great photographs of her. Yes, there are many sweet images that hid what a feisty lady she was but not a great deal that shows her power and spirit. And I don't recall her having a logo either, like The Rolling Stones or Public Enemy or The Spice Girls. Shame, the word Ella is a dream in type.

If you are a solo artist or band, or an actor or dancer, let me help you get noticed. Let's stop them dead in their tracks and create a fuss!

Madonna. She has been the master of the image, even though her voice is distinctly average. (Post got controversial quick). But her look – well, iconic is the only word. Often stolen from the golden era of Hollywood, of course; she has played the role of saint and sinner, showgirl, and provocateur, like some pre-code early 30s Burlesque. There's a lot to say about her brand because it's never been redundant or boring. Another master of the image is the iconic singer of Queen. I'm a long time fan of this incredible talent, and borrowing from an even more distant past, he created his character: Freddie Mercury. As the film regaled us, the man off-stage was often shy and vulnerable, on-stage he was as iconic as Mickey Mouse - a walking logo. He eventually morphed into some sort of yellow-jacketed Napoleonic Cavalry officer, commanding the crowds at Budapest and Wembley. That's how good I want to get. As designer and photographer, I want to tell stories, stories that reflect an artist's vision. I want to create images that sing up loud.

Why not send me a message and we can talk budget and creative needs. Below are some of the musicians I've worked with so far. Take care James Wafer www.bluewhistledesign/photography #music #bands #rock #jazz #folk #rap #classical #graphicdesign #photography #logo #portrait #outdoor #concept #bohemianrhapsody

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