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Scientific progress...

I'd like to show you a project I've just completed. I present to you (insert trumpet fanfare synths here) -

I've worked with Dr Paul Ajuh before and he came back to me for a refresh of his website and I thought, whilst we are at it let's give him a new logo and sub-branding too. Dr Paul is always good to work with because not only is he a scientific genius but he understands his business and his clients really well, he also needs to have complete control over his site and that's why I use the WIX 'classic editor'. I carefully build the site in strips and repeaters and this allows a good solid flow from desktop to the mobile version. For his new logo design I thought I would design a target as his work with proteomics, antibodies and a host of other mind-boggling ancient-Greco termed mixture elements is very precise. The sub icons each represent an element of his product offering.

The Wix system has allowed me to offer my clients a website that they can own - gone are the days of me hiring a programmer and the site being squirrelled away on some unknown server in Kiev. Wix allows my customers to update from their phone as it includes a handy App.

If you are looking to rebrand or brand for that matter, I can help you reach your vision and communicate beautifully to your customers.

Take care

James Wafer

Designer, photographer, writer

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