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The Lost Kingdoms

There's a whole library of images in my head that are fighting to get out! Some I have the skills and equipment to realise and others I have yet to acquire the resources, time and 'actors' I need to make them real. But the leap of faith with creativity is the most fundamental of steps. You have a vision and then that vision becomes more lucid. Here is my latest fine-art photographic project. I've decided to call this series "The Lost Kingdoms" and for the usual pretentious art reasons, I won't explain too much about how I arrived at the final photographs – a nod to Arthurian legend, the Pre-Raphaelite movement and Arthur Rackham's Undine and The Ring of the Nibelung illustrations are a good enough steer, for those who know!

My model is a facebook friend called Jennifer "Juniper" and she has her own jewellery crafting business and sells it at fairs in the North West and beyond. Check out her amazing creations:

After sourcing the right dress and unearthing that old tatty Union Jack that has long sat in a box in the loft, we decided to make our way to Liverpool's often overlooked green-space gem, Allerton Towers. There is something odd and beautiful in the decay and it feels like this was the scene of great and heavy drama in bygone times. Why is it so broken, where is the rest of it?

Jennifer was a delight to work with and we worked hard in a short space of time to move from set-up to set-up. I used my favourite camera brand Pentax and few tasty lenses, including the wonderful 70mm HD F2.4 Limited, which is a diamond. Here is a link to prints, produced by a pro-lab on beautiful Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm paper. My ETSY store: Right, I'm off out to look for an interesting tree, called The Tree of Heaven!

I am also available for hire as a graphic designer and photographer. Check out my work at:

Warm regards



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